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This may not sound like your typical Hollywood Romantic Comedy, but for them it was love at first sight.

Stacey and Michael’s journey together began in 2001, in Rhode Island, when an encounter had Michael spilling his coffee all over Stacey. What followed was a relationship that was never perfect but proved to stand up to anything that was placed in front of it.

Before meeting Stacey, Michael’s life was one of run-ins with the law and battles against substance abuse. Throughout this period of struggles and dark days, Michael found a positive outlet in cooking and spent years in the restaurant industry. He worked at many establishments, from his own family run restaurant to the Contemporary Hotel in Disney World. To further his abilities and experience in the kitchen he also attended culinary school. After years of hard work Michael finally received the help he needed to find sobriety. Now fulfilling his potential as a father and a husband he relocated to Pennsylvania with his family 10 years ago and got into the trucking industry, specifically in heavy haul. He respected and loved this line of work, the way it challenged him, and the amazing people he met. While this career paved the way to where he is today, the constant tug of being in the kitchen never left him, and he always dreamed of having the opportunity of opening his own restaurant.

Before meeting Michael, Stacey too fought with addiction and with support was able to find sobriety. She achieved a Master’s Degree in Environmental Science and spent 2 years in the field before bringing her youngest son Kellen into the world. Since that time Stacey has focused her responsibilities on being a mom of 4, homeschooling for several years. Stacey found it imperative to show gratitude and give back to the community, because of her past experiences. She now spends a great deal of her time guiding women with struggles similar to her own. On top of this passion, Stacey developed an obsession with baking as she has spent years mastering her craft. Coinciding with Michael, Stacey’s lifelong dream has always been to own her own coffee shop where she can combine her love for baking with her love of community. 

Stacey brought 3 children into the marriage, and together they welcomed Kellen. Though there have been many struggles, they persisted. With continuous support for each other’s crazy dreams, they found that it was finally time to take on their next challenge with purpose. Last fall, the perfect opportunity fell in their lap, and without hesitation they took the leap. Bad Biscuit is a completely family run operation. In addition to seeing Stacey and Michael, you will also become familiar with Robert, their eldest son, jack of all trades, Kellen, their youngest son, busboy and server in training, and Ashley, Roberts longtime girlfriend; baker and barista. 

Stacey and Michael are so extremely grateful for this opportunity to live their passion and want every customer to feel at home when they walk in to Bad Biscuit.